Sister of Slain Anthony Spencer Pleads to friends of Victim

By: Liam McCurry

Susan Spencer remembers her brother, Anthony, as “always smiling” and “he looks like he didn’t have a problem in the world.”

But she also spoke calmly yet firmly to the friends of her murdered brother, who were with him when he was gunned down on Monday but have so far failed to help police with the investigation.

 “I’m asking and begging anyone, especially his friends, he invited you into his life to be his friend, please show your loyalty in coming forward and bringing forth the person who is responsible for taking my brother’s life,” Susan said.

Anthony, 23, a father of a daughter, was shot at close range on Monday in a recording studio at Brimley Road and Lawrence Avenue East just before 5 a.m.   

Homicide Detective Sargent Gary Giroux said Anthony was “executed.”

Anthony’s friends carried him out of the studio into a waiting car where they drove him to Scarborough General Hospital, where they left him, he said.

Witnessing a murder of a close friend is an undoubtedly a traumatic event Giroux said.

But, “community safety is a shared responsibility between the police and the community,” he said.

Witness participation is the number one challenge facing the homicide division, Giroux said.

Giroux asked the Anthony’s friends to show their “affection and loyalty” to Anthony by coming forward to help police get these dangerous individuals off the streets.

Anthony was not a known member of any gang. Susan can’t comprehend why anyone would kill her brother other than, “envy and hate, someone that just wanted to eliminate his happiness, because they don’t have it,” she told reporter at Toronto Police headquarters.

Susan has spoken with Anthony’s friends.

“And all they said to me was lies, I need to hear them tell me the truth,” she said.

Susan says fear is the reason why the friends of Anthony haven’t come forward but doesn’t understand why the love his friends had for Anthony hasn’t outweighed that dread.

“He’s missing and we need to know,” Susan said.

“I know were a better world, we can come together and fix this” she said

Susan said her family and Anthony’s daughter need closure. She begged Anthony’s friends to come forward.

“You’re supposed to have each other’s back,” she said. 

Police say they are still waiting for a warrant to search the studio. They hope to have it within 24 hours Giroux said. He said they will be looking for recordings, shell casings and then letting the forensics team collect evidence. There was a delay acquiring a warrant because there was a “delay in determining where the scene was,” Giroux said.

The murderer was comfortable enough to commit this crime in front of witnesses leads Giroux to believe that there are dangerous individuals in the community, “that think they have got away with it.”

Susan and the police are hoping this targeted witness appeal convinces Anthony’s friends to come forward. “Please remember Anthony, he’s not just another name in the newspaper,” Susan said.

Disclaimer. The murder of Anthony Spencer was in 2012, this piece was written in 2021.

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